Dubbed the “Screwhead Edition,” an Army of Darkness Blu-Ray will be coming to us soon now that rights for the film have reverted back to Universal.  This from Shock Till You Drop:

Now that the rights for Army of Darkness have reverted back to Universal (from Anchor Bay Entertainment), its home video division has announced a Blu-Ray “Screwhead Edition” for May 19th. Special features will include the alternate ending, deleted scenes, The Men Behind the Army featurette, extra footage, theatrical trailer and audio commentary with director Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Ivan Raimi. Exclusive to Blu-Ray: My Scenes, BD-Live and the ability to access production photos during the movie experience.

Another reason for me to look towards finally getting a Blu-Ray player.  I just have this…issue with Blu-Ray discs, the quality of the image onscreen.  Sometimes it looks like crystal clear film, absolutely stunning, and then, at times, it looks as though a high definition soap opera of sorts.  It’s weird how the image switches back and forth and absolutely ruins the viewing experience for me.  I’m not sure if it’s like this with older films, as I’ve only seen newer films in Blu-Ray.  We’ll see.  Wave of the Future and all that.