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Zombie’s started up on Halloween 2 (or, H2), shooting in Atlanta, GA.  The guy’s uploaded a bit of info. on his Myspace site.  Here’s what he has to say:

“Although we sort of started on Friday with a couple scenes. I’ll update with a few exclusive pics from the set on Tuesday. Wish us luck, it’s going to be crazy.”

Fucking yay. (Sarcasm)


  1. First off, I would like to say something off topic. I am proud of you man. Your site is apparently picking up interest, which is a good thing. It is cool that you are able to say that you have seen Tom, George, and interviewed Kurtzman.
    And you have an indy film company sending you movies for review (Though after the thorough tongue lashing you gave Stockholme, that little deal may not last long. ;^p) But, at least you are working towards living a dream.

    Now, on to this sequel business.

    To Mr. Zombie, if that really is your name….I have one statement for you.

    “Quit while you are ahead!”

    Your original Halloween remake was just plain shameful. You have disgraced the film community and tarnished your reputation. As far as the damage that you have caused to the psyche of all who have watched Halloween, I can only describe it with the word irreparable. Shame on you Rob Zombie. And even now, you work on your Jew like plot to pilfer the pockets of your hardest
    core fans. I say your hard core fans because after the shit fest you put out with your last film, I believe that said “hardcore” fans of yours are the majority of the people who are going to see your next outing. There will, of course, be people who dont know what kind of time stealing you levied against watchers of the first film, and will be intrigued by the prospect of a new horror movie at the cineplex. For them, I feel sorry, for they truly have no idea what they are doing. Short of these patrons, though, I think most who watched the first halloween remake will know better.
    This being the case, Mr. Zombie, you know good and damn well you are just exploiting your loyal fans via hollow promises, inflated expectations, and name recognition.
    Film makers with this kind of mentality are a plague to the community….a cancer that must be cut out as it cannot be healed.
    If I am incorrect in this belief of your intentions, I stand by what I have said in that you should NOT continue this fiasco. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and you sir, shall truly find your way there for the evils you have perpetrated on the film watching community. Eat shit and die scumbag. If I ever meet you, I would like to rip off your head…and shit down your neck!

    Joey “Fucking” Chestnut,

    Comment by Joey Chestnut — February 25, 2009 @ 8:13 pm

  2. “Joey”, I couldn’t have said it better, brother. This perfectly encapsulates my feelings. You could throw Eli Roth into the pit with him as far as I’m concerned. Oh, and about 4th Floor Pictures. Fuck them in the ass. I didn’t post ALL of their comments as they started attacking me personally. I’ll let you borrow Stockholm Syndrome so you can see the absolute shitfest it is.

    Comment by aaron — February 25, 2009 @ 11:41 pm

  3. So…..

    The ass fuckers at 4th floor want to talk shit, eh? Perhaps you should openly provide an email address on this very website where one could contact the ignorant mongoloids and point out the error of their ways. Seems that there is a certain production company with a “very clever” naming convention involving a number when it is obvious that they know nothing about numbers. And by numbers, I mean business.

    4th floor has made the very distinct error of calling out fans of the independent horror film genre. This ties directly into my comment above. You do NOT alienate your target demographic. Such actions tend to affect the bottom line. There is nothing better in the business world than a company who wishes monetary suicide upon itself by pissing off it’s customer base.

    To 4th floor, if you should happen to read these comments (which I doubt, hence the necessity of an email addy)….Listen and learn. If you wish to produce stacks of shit in the feeble attempt to profit off of the unfortunate saps who might, and I stress MIGHT, wish to actually watch your garbage, that choice is completely up to you. What is not up to you, however, is how your customer base will take it. If you only want to see positive reviews of your films, you have only two choices.

    Choice 1:

    Don’t produce your type of “quality” cinema. Instead, why don’t you try actually producing something good. Nobody wants to hear your whining and bullshitting about how you had such a low budget, or that its hard to be in the business of producing Indy films. Enjoyment of cinema is derived purely from a plausible escape from one’s mundane existence. Your movie must have at least enough substance to allow the viewers to immerse themselves in the reality you weave before them. When you cannot produce any reason for a person to a shit about your characters, your plot, or your film in general, you have failed. Good story doesn’t cost a dime in this digital age. You don’t even have to pay for paper to jot the story down on anymore. Nothing grabs a viewer and commits them to suspension of disbelief like a well thought out, creative, and interesting yarn. Period. No excuses necessary. It is for this very reason that classic novels that have been loved for years become timeless and will continue to be loved for years. It doesn’t matter how shitty your effects are, or that you couldn’t hire decent actors….if your story is solid, you will have fans, and you will make money…paving the way for bigger budget movies. If you are too stupid to realize this, then you are a failure at your craft. But ya know, sometimes people adopt a belief of self importance, where only their opinion matters. They become so seasoned in their ways, that they forget that they are nothing without an audience. Without an audience, you aren’t producing films. If you aren’t producing films, you aren’t a film production house. Producing self serving films that satisfy you and your cronies alone only serves to seal your own monetary doom.

    Choice 2:

    Don’t submit your films for review. If you can’t take the bad with the good, then you don’t have the capacity or the heart to truly be in the business. going off half cocked on someone for an unfavorable review shows your immaturity and your incapacity to hack it. Not every film you make is going to come out smelling like roses. No one, NO ONE, enjoys that type of success. If you expect positive reviews for everything that you do, then you are displaying more imagination than went into any of your films, because you live in a fantasy land where everyone loves you and they serve you milk and cookies before sleepy time. This brings us back to the whining. Just how professional are you people anyway? You know, the gaming industry has this very same problem. Some cocksucker makes a dud, and when someone gives it the review it deserves, said cocksucker pulls their advertising from the review site. (In case you are looking for an example, look no further than the ubisoft fiasco with EGM over Assassins Creed.) It is the equivalent of bribery. “give me a good review or else!” How about this. Fuck you. You can talk up your pile of shit all day long, spray it with all sorts of exotic floral scents, and at the end of the day, you still have a pile of shit. But, I guess in your fantasy world where nothing is ever wrong with you or your films, your pile of shit must be worth a fortune. Out here in the real world, its called fertilizer, and truly it deserves to be buried far from human eyes so they may never be tainted with your bile. (Though I dont condone polution, maybe they should just recycle the dvds so that they may become something useful to the world….like a bic lighter or something)

    As far as personal attacks go, they (and by “they”, I mean YOU 4th floor) should be ashamed of yourself, for your certainly your viewing audience is already ashamed of you. you are a mar on the face of entertainment If I was ever attacked on a personal level over BUSINESS, I would never buy or pay to see another one of their films again. But any dickhead with a shred of common sense would no that, so you must not be just any dickhead. And whats more, if I ever met said people in public, where they could not hide behind their useless words and the faceless internet, I would indeed break their face for talking out of their turn. WE are the customers, your consumers.

    Go get a business degree, put on your big boy pants, and grow the fuck up, before somebody adjusts your attitude.

    Comment by Joey Chestnut — February 26, 2009 @ 1:08 am

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