Night Of The Demons And Witchboard BluRay

Fantastic news for Kevin S. Tenney fans as SCREAM FACTORY just announced that they will be bringing his beloved classics NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and WITCHBOARD to Blu-Ray in 2014!

From the Scream Factory Facebook Page:

Director Kevin Tenney’s ouija board hit WITCHBOARD and the “Eat a bowl of F*@K” classic NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (which, in particular, has quite a vocal following and has been requested many times here) will both be coming to Blu-ray in early 2014!!!!!!!!!!!

No details to report other than DEMONS will be a “Collector’s Edition” and the artwork is already in the works.

Night Of The Demons Synopsis:

It’s Halloween night and Angela is throwing a party, but this is no ordinary spook bash. Everybody’s headed to Hull House, a deserted funeral home with a shocking secret in its past and something evil alive in its basement. Now the guests are becoming possessed, and this party’s treats include tongue ripping, eyeball gouging, gratuitous nudity,bloody dismemberment and more. Welcome to the blowout where all Hell is breaking loose: You’re invited to NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! Scream Queen Linnea Quigley stars in this twisted ‘80s splatter-fest directed by Kevin S. Tenney (WITCHBOARD) and featuring grisly gore effects by Steve Johnson (DEAD HEAT, SPECIES).

Witchboard Synopsis:

NEVER PLAY IT ALONE It’s called a Ouija Board, and it’s been used for thousands of years to communicate with the souls of the afterworld. For beautiful Linda Brewster (infamous ‘80s vixen Tawny Kitaen), it brings the playful ghost of a dead ten-year-old boy. But when the friendly spirit develops a sudden taste for violent murder and demonic possession, Linda’s boyfriend (Todd Allen)and her former lover (Stephen Nichols of GENERAL HOSPITAL and DAYS OF OUR LIVES) must race to destroy this ferocious portal of the damned. This is no game; this is WITCHBOARD! Kathleen Wilhoite (ER) and Rose Marieco-star in this original horror hit written,produced and directed by Kevin Tenney(NIGHT OF THE DEMONS) with tasty dollops of nudity, gore and humor that spawned two sequels.

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