A few weeks ago, we received an email from a producer about a conceptual short horror film written and directed by Scott Goldberg titled THE THREE. Scott Goldberg, for those who haven’t heard of him, has made a name for himself within the indy horror community by writing, producing, and directing many award winning and festival favorite films. Much like what Sam Raimi did when he created WITHIN THE WOODS, Goldberg created THE THREE short (filmed in the Wampum Mine storage facility where DAY OF THE DEAD was shot, and stars DAY OF THE DEAD stars Romero alumni Lori Cardille (DAY OF THE DEAD) and John Amplas (MARTIN)) as a concept film to raise the funding necessary for a feature length version of the film.

With THE THREE, Goldberg is looking to move away from the modern, slash ‘n dash horror film, and create something that burrows its way into your mind, eliciting fear and dread on a level jump scare films simply cannot provide. But who better to explain than Scott Goldberg himself in this promotional video:

Below is the short concept film THE THREE. It does its job of leaving the viewer with questions and wanting more. I look forward to what Goldberg can do with a feature length version of the film. Be sure to check out the official site for more information on the film and how you can get involved.


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