In October of last year, we first hinted at George Romero’s secretive zombie comic project with Marvel Comics. Since then, we’ve heard nothing on the project. He’s recently finished a new script, but in regard to the comic project he’s remained silent…until now. Talking with DailyDead, he opened up a bit more about the project…

“Max Brooks and I do these panel discussions together and he believes that humans don’t stand a chance. I don’t know… I’m writing a comic book series right now for Marvel. I can’t really say anything about the story, but I’ll just say that the zombies are advancing even a little further.”

While originally set for a “fall 2013? release, he told me that the release date may have been pushed back:

“They were going to originally launch it in October, but I understand that they’re pushing it back. I don’t know why, but maybe they don’t want to bridge it over Christmas.”

I’ve been wondering if the plan was for a limited series or if this would be Marvel’s answer to The Walking Dead. At this point, Romero said that he’s written enough content for fifteen issues and told me that it’s expected to be a limited series. He also let me know that he may release a novelization:

“It’s fifteen books, so it’s long. It’s the equivalent of two and a half screenplays. It’s a novel basically and, in fact, I might novelize it.”

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