As we’ve stated time and again, we here at Backwoods Horror are HUGE fans of  Squatchsploitation flicks. From seeing 1980’s NIGHT OF THE DEMON and LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK as a child, onto newer fare such as THE LOST COAST TAPES and the much anticipated EXISTS, we just can’t get enough of the big guy.

Bobcat Goldthwait (who happens to be a contemporary of bigfoot expert Scott Herriott) has written and directed a new found footage bigfoot horror film (I’m assuming it’s within the horror genre by the amazing poster below), and a new poster and interview with Goldthwait have surfaced. Just LOOK at that poster. It’s a shame that movie posters aren’t such an art form any more as they once were. I’d be proud to have this one hanging on my office wall. But enough with the gab, on with the interview with the man himself and a full look at the poster!

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