Ok, first of all, how the hell did I miss that WEREWOLF was actually getting a proper dvd release?  I remember, years ago, spending $60 on bootlegs of taped episodes on dvd and thought that’s all I’d ever get, but NO, I’m gonna get something clear, and with special features!  HOT DIGGITY!  This series used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid.  I had nightmares about one of the first episodes where the WEREWOLF rose from behind a couch.  Scared the shit out of me and I always thought one was going to pop up from behind MY couch.

In any case, even though the show is full of morality tales and gets into a Werewolf as the Hero type thing, I still have a fondness in my heart for this very short lived series.  I credit it with some of the beginnings of my fanaticism with horror and, particularly, my interest in the Werewolf.

This news from DreadCenral (with pic):

A little sliver of bad news for fans of “Werewolf”. We won’t be seeing it in stores as planned on September 1st from Shout Factory! Don’t get too broken up though; the delay is not a long one.

According to TVShowsOnDVD the five-disc DVD set has been pushed back about a month for an October 6th release.

The site also learned what a couple of the included special features will be. Fans can expect two featurettes for sure with more likely to come. Look for — The Man Who Was Alamo Joe with actor Lance LeGault and To Build a Better Werewolf with make-up F/X coordinators Greg Cannom and Gino Crognale to be tantalizing your supplemental bone. More soon!


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