The first sales art promo from Cannes for the MANIAC remake has hit the web. Obviously, it isn’t anywhere near as enticingly exploitative as the poster art for the original MANIAC, but this is only sales art and I have my doubts the finished product will be anywhere near as bland. Though, honestly, if I saw Elijah Wood in my rearview mirror, I’d probably be afraid. That impish little hobbit creeps me out. (I keed, I keed….mostly)

Directed by Franck Khalfoun (P2), and written by Alexandre Aja (THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake,HAUTE TENSION) with his producing/writing partner Grégory Levasseur. MANIAC stars Elijah Wood (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) and Nora Arnezeder (SAFE HOUSE). In the film, Wood plays the role of a serial killer who works at a shop that sells antique mannequins. Finding victims on the Internet, he stalks them like prey, all while suffering from hallucinations that throw him back into the past, when he was abused by his own mother. In his twisted mind, he gains a measure of revenge against his mother with each kill.

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