We here at Backwoods Horror just received news from star Damian Maffei that New York City-based genre production company, Sideshow Pictures, has announced their second annual Halloween short film, THE HOUSE THAT CRIED BLOOD.

The film was written and directed by Frank Sabatella (BLOOD NIGHT: THE LEGEND OF MARY HATCHET & the tongue in cheek HALLOWEEN short NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN) and produced by Frank Mosca of Harrington Talents.

This is the awesome email we received from Damian. Check it out and look for a formal press release soon!

I just finished a movie called THE HOUSE THAT CRIED BLOOD.  Now, this is about a short film, BUT HOLD UP.  This is no regular short.  I don’t push regular shorts (or do them). It is a Halloween short of badass proportions.  I guarantee it.  

Due to premiere this month online (a press release will be sent out by them when all that’s solid)

Here are the essentials:

The newest Halloween short from Sideshow Pictures and director Frank Sabatella The House that Cried Blood follows four young adults, who, through a dare by their leader Lynch (Damian Maffei), venture into “Old Lady Death’s” house in search of her rotting corpse. What begins as regular Halloween tomfoolery turns into a night of terror as what awaits them within the walls of The House that Cried Blood… Is an evil none of them could ever fathom in their wildest dreams.

The approach taken in The House that Cried Blood is almost the exact opposite of that in Night of the Pumpkin. Whereas NotP delivers the goods through a tongue-in-cheek, wild retro-splatter ride, THTCB builds the tension and mounting fear through atmosphere, performances, and gen-yoo-ine thrills.  And blood and some guts, sure.

Currently finishing post, there is a kickstarter campaign going on, an attempt to raise 3,000 before Halloween. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/notp/help-us-build-the-house-that-cried-blood (Backwoods Horror Note: BE SURE TO CHECK THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN OUT! KEEP AMERICA STRONG, SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HORROR!)

THE HOUSE THAT CRIED BLOOD -Directed by Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, Night of the Pumpkin) starring Damian Maffei (Christmas with the Dead, Closed for the Season) Andrea Boehlke (Survivor: Redemption Island) Ray Zupp, Ashlee Mundy. F/X handled by Emmy Nominated Jeremy Selenfriend (Boardwalk Empire, Blood Night, Men in Black 3) and Monster in my Closet FX. From Sideshow Pictures.

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