Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Posted on 23rd June 2008 by aaron in Indie Horror News,News - Tags: , , ,

Just ran across a story over at bloody disgusting about this new movie JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER.  I followed some links and came across the trailer.  The movie looks pretty damn kick ass!  The story follows Jack Brooks, a guy who saw his family killed by monsters as a child and now experiences…anger issues.  He’s just your regular everyman plumber who happens to come across an ancient evil and finds a good release for his rage in the form of kicking monster ass.  The makeup effects all seem to be practical with crazy monsters, blood and grue.  As an independent movie, judging from the trailer, it all looks really well done and may be the next EVIL DEAD 2 rife with gore and humor.  Can’t wait to see this one in theaters (though, more than likely, it’ll end up on dvd).  Click on the poster below to visit the official site.

He\'s here to kick ass and chew bubble gum...and he\'s all out of bubble gum.

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  1. […] an update to the Jack Brooks flick I first wrote about here, you now have, for your viewing pleasure, the trailer.  Thanks YouTube! […]

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