Z*Con is the second film being produced by Big Damn Films. Writer/Director Michael C. Dougherty has said that much like their first film, Browncoats: Redemption, 100% of the total Net Proceeds from the film will be donated to a handful of charities. Big Damn Films is donating the proceeds from this film to three different charities. Two of them, The Red Cross and Kids Need to Read, have already been chosen. It’s up to you to help choose the third charity.

While the last time around the focus was a well-established sci-fi setting, Z*Con takes things in a distinctly different direction taking on the horror (and comedy) of a zombie outbreak at a sci-fi convention.

Big Damn Films is currently raising funds via kickstarter. Follow this link to view a promotional video about the film and information on how you can invest to make the film a reality. The film is scheduled for a late 2013 release. For more info, check out the official Z*CON site, “like” Z*Con on Facebook and follow Z*Con on Twitter (@zconmovie).


Z*Con is about 14 year old Matt Moore, and his three friends, who attend a local comic convention to get interviews for their podcast but end up stuck in the middle of a Zombie Outbreak at the con. Using social media, and their wits, to report on what’s going on inside the four walls of the con while dodging all kinds of cosplay zombies.

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