About a week ago, we introduced you to a conceptual short horror film written and directed by Scott Goldberg titled THE THREE. Scott Goldberg, for those who haven’t heard of him, has made a name for himself within the indy horror community by writing, producing, and directing many award winning and festival favorite films. Much like what Sam Raimi did when he created WITHIN THE WOODS, Goldberg filmed the short film THE THREE  (filmed in the Wampum Mine storage facility where DAY OF THE DEAD was shot, and stars DAY OF THE DEAD Romero alumni Lori Cardille (DAY OF THE DEAD) and John Amplas (MARTIN)) as a concept film to raise the funding necessary for a feature length version of the film.

Now Scott Goldberg and the rest of the cast and crew (including composer/producer Mark Nadolski, Ed Demko, Hugo Fernandez, and actor Chris Margaritis) need you, the horror film fans of the world, to help make the feature length version of THE THREE a reality. The filmmakers have started a kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary $250,000 goal by October 31st, 2012.

For several years, the feature length version of THE THREE has been a dream for the filmmakers involved, and with your help they can make this dream a reality. In the video above, filmmakers Scott Goldberg and Mark Nadolski talk about the lack of originality in many modern horror films, as well as having what it takes (the right mindset and ideas) to make dark, original horror films.

Your contributions will go towards building the underground bunker set in the Wampum Mine Facility that serves as the centerpiece for the entire film. Your contributions will also go towards necessary production related costs such as camera and equipment rentals and post productions costs. Any level contribution is incredibly appreciated by the filmmakers and, as with other kickstarter campaigns, not only will you help contribute to an independent,  high quality, dark, and thought provoking film, but at certain levels, you will also receive benefits such as a copy of the completed film with a collector’s edition 11×17 poster signed by the cast and crew of the film. At higher levels you can get your name in the credits as a special thanks or producer, as well as two tickets to the NYC premiere of the film with access to the V.I.P. section and an invitation to the after party with cast and crew.

Independent horror cannot exist without you, the fans, making it all possible. So head on over to the official THE THREE site for more information and to help contribute to modern, intelligent, independent cinema!


We appreciate Lori Cardille and John Amplas’s involvement in the short concept version of THE THREE. However, due to independently producing the feature length production of the film without studio backing, we unfortunately will not be able to cast them in the final film due to Union restrictions. We will, however, be working with up and coming talent and appreciate your contributions for the feature length production of THE THREE.

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