Maybe it’s just me, but Halloween of yesteryear just seemed like more fun. There was less emphasis on über-mom safety, special gluten free soy candy, etc. Kids would trick or treat AT NIGHT as they should, running around in monster masks instead of safe little princess and movie memorabilia costumes. We all heard about razorblades and needles in our candy (some of it unwrapped, some of it cookies), and we didn’t care. It’s part of what made Halloween scary. Part of what makes Halloween special to me these days is more nostalgia then anything else. Remembrance of days long past when friends and I were allowed to run freely through the streets at night, trick or treating, telling ghost stories in the local cemetery. Good luck finding that now.

The blog Collecting Candy has acquired a massive amount of Halloween store displays from 1969 that bring back those wonderful memories. Here’s an example of what I mean:

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