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I’ve said it time and time again, if it’s got the big ‘ol hairy guy (bigfoot, sasquatch, swamp ape, wildman, ohio grass man, or whatever you wish to call it), we here at Backwoods Horror are IN LIKE FLYNN (I’m going to have to look up where that saying comes from. I say it all the time and have no clue what it means, but I digress…)! I’m already a bit skeptical about FEED THE GODS, however, as it promises to be a horror-comedy “in the vein of Shaun Of The Dead, An American Werewolf In London, & Cabin In The Woods.” Ok, first, I don’t really consider Cabin In The Woods or An American Werewolf In London comedies, per se, but horror films with comedic elements. Shaun Of The Dead, however, is definitely a comedy with horror elements, so they nailed that one. The problem with horror-comedies, however, is that many try, and most fail when it comes time to properly balance the two genres in one film. Still, it’s friggin’ Bigfoot…you KNOW I’m going to watch it.


FEED THE GODS is about WILL GUSTAFSON, a determined yet hopelessly inept filmmaker, and his quest to find Bigfoot in a town that’s all too hungry for tourists. Raised in a foster home, Will and his adopted brother, KRIS, inherit a box of videotapes showcasing Kris’ long lost mother and father… as well as a suspicious town fixated on a Bigfoot-like creature. Will agrees to help Kris search for his parents while secretly hunting the elusive beast. Soon the town’s insidious past emerges and the boys find exactly what they’re looking for…

From The Press Release:

Indie powerhouse producer Random Bench is set to go into production on genre darling Braden Croft’s second feature film, FEED THE GODS, a journey into the Pacific Northwest in search of the legendary Bigfoot starring Shawn Roberts (Resident Evil, A Little Bit Zombie), Tyler Johnston (“Supernatural,” “The Killing”), Emily Tennant (“Mr. Young”), and Britt Irvin (“Smallville”).

The film began principal photography in small town Yarrow, British Columbia, on Friday, September 13th. FEED THE GODS follows the journey of Will and Kris (Roberts and Johnston), two brothers in search of their long lost parents. The quest leads them to the small mountain town of Tendale – a town that has a taste for tourists.

Croft’s first feature film, HEMORRHAGE, also produced by Random Bench opened to rave reviews at Fantasia International Film Festival and is currently in limited release on VOD (Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Insight) and goes wide on VOD (iTunes, Amazon and OnDemand) this fall.

You can learn more about the movie through the Feed the Gods Facebook page and they’re looking to raise money for a more polished film via a funding campaign over on IndieGoGo.

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