Shock Till You Drop got their hands on the cover art for the upcoming documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON. More on the story and that cover art as follows from Shock Till You Drop:

ShockTillYouDrop.com has nabbed an early look at the DVD cover art for the upcoming documentary His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th. We’ve been informed that this is still being tweaked, but you get the idea. The doc recently received a warm reception at the Starz Denver Film Festival. It hits DVD on February 3rd.

Hosted by special effects master Tom Savini, and with more than 80 interviews – including every Jason and the “Final Girls” who survived him – and clips from the films, His Name was Jason examines how the legend of Jason Voorhees has evolved from a ghost story that oversexed camp counselors tell around the bonfire into a full-blown Hollywood institution. The film was directed by Daniel Farrands and produced by Anthony Masi and MasiMedia.

Looks Fucking Sweet. You Better Believe I’ll Be Getting This One!!!

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