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The Trailer for Sam Raimi’s DRAG ME TO HELL has hit the intarwebz.  I suggest you check it out below.  Now…if I can get past Justin “I’m A Mac” Long’s performance (because I hate him in everything ever, even Jeepers Creepers), I might really dig this flick.  Sam and Ivan Raimi wrote it, Sam directed it…  It promises to be great.  We’ll see.

A loan officer (Lohman) ordered to evict an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse, who turns her life into a living hell. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.

Thanks to Joey for the heads up on this one. (Not Joey Chestnut, my biggest fan, but another Joey…”whoa”).

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