Waaaaay back last July, we here at Backwoods Horror told you about an independent successfully Kickstarter financed film titled HYBRID VIGOR. It seemed like a weird sort of film, original, and new, so we’ve been following little rumblings here and there, though the crumbs have been few and far between. But now, finally, an official trailer has been released for the film. Check it out after the break below!

Voted IndieWire’s PROJECT OF THE WEEK and with a twitter following of over 250,000 followers (good GAWD!), HYBRID VIGOR surpassed its initial kickstarter goal of $50,000. This is all incredible news as it is so incredibly difficult to get an independent film made these days, funding always being such a problem to get things off the ground. Fowler even had to leave the US, going to a country few people other than Latvians ever even think about to get the film made. That’s f-ing dedication if I’ve ever heard it. So what is HYBRID VIGOR?


HYBRID VIGOR is a feature film about life, death, violence, morality, immortality, love, and loss in the USSR during Soviet times and in present day Latvia. It opens on frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia during Soviet times. Most of the film takes place in present day Latvia. More details about the plot will be revealed in the coming months.

For more information go to the OFFICIAL WEBSITE, The OFFICIAL KICKSTARTER PAGE, the TUMBLR Page, the FACEBOOK PageTWITTER, and there’s even a making-of series on YouTube.

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