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Hot damn, hot damn, hot DAMN! I love bigfoot/sasquatch/skunk ape movies! No matter how shitty, I watch ’em. Ever since bein’ scared shitless as a boy with the killer bigfoot movie NIGHT OF THE DEMON-1980-(not to be confused with NIGHT OF THE DEMONS), and bein’ turned on to THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK years ago, I’ve become something of a bigfoot flick connoisseur (CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE, THE WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD, etc…). To add to that, I’m also a huge, HUGE fan of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, so the following news from the ghouls over at Shock Till You Drop has me drooling!

Eduardo Sanchez – the co-director of The Blair Witch Project – is jumping into Bigfoot lore with a planned film trilogy.

The director will helm Exists, a project he penned with his Seventh Moon scribe Jamie Nash.

WETA and Spectral Motion are teaming up to create Bigfoot (whoa!) and shooting is expected to begin this fall just outside of Austin, Texas. Sanchez says Exists will be the first film in a trilogy that explores and re-invents the Bigfoot myth and, as he says, make Bigfoot “scary again.”

Creature performer Brian Steele ( Predators, Hellboy) will play the legendary monster.


Night Of The Demon (1980), this flick scared the SHIT out of me!

Night Of The Demon (1980), this flick scared the SHIT out of me!

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