Just another quick post about THE WALKING DEAD (because we can’t seem to get enough), but this was just too cool to pass up. Fans of comics in general know the name Alex Ross is synonymous with amazing, sometimes photo-realistic art. Just do a good search and find yourself, hours later, slack jawed at just how fantastic his paintings are. Well, we WALKING DEAD/ZOMBIE/WALKERS fans get our own little treat as Alex Ross created a brand new painting for AMC’s upcoming 4th Season of THE WALKING DEAD. Check it out below, and be sure to catch the series return on Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 9/8c.

Alex Ross Walking Dead Poster Tease

Alex Ross Walking Dead Poster

This is something I’m going to have to get up in a frame on my wall as it is actually AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Get ’em while they last!

In the highly anticipated new season, we find Rick and the group fostering a thriving community in the safe haven of the prison. Sadly, in this brutal world, happiness is short-lived and walkers and outside threats are no match for danger brewing inside the fences. The group’s home and new way of life will be thoroughly tested, and their struggle to survive has never been so perilous. Season 4 also introduces several new characters including Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.).

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