A TRUE BLOOD Retraction

Posted on 16th September 2008 by aaron in Reviews - Tags: , , , , ,

In an earlier post, I wasn’t so nice about the first episode of True Blood.  Well, after going back and watching the full (non-rough-cut) version of the first episode, I realize I was a bit harsh.  Anyhow, like I said, after going back and watching the first episode, yeah, you know what, I actually kind of liked it.

Of course, there were still some issues, like the horrid fake-ass southern accents. Being from the South, I can spot it right off. So I’m watching the second episode right now.  I can see myself getting into this show if they keep the mushy romance bullshit to a minimum and develop the stories and characters.  I have to admit that Buffy was a guilty pleasure of mine, and I guess this could be a kind of replacement for the void left after that show went off the air.  I’ve been fillin’ the hole with Supernatural, which, if you haven’t seen it, you had better go right out and buy the first, second and third seasons, that show is fucktastically awesome!  I’ll have to right a post about it.  I think I’ll add True Blood to my list of shows (including House, Lost, Monsterquest and so on)

Anyhow, I’m ramblin’.

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