See, here’s the thing, I’m torn on this one.  On one side, I’m REALLY FUCKING STOKED ABOUT ZOMBIELAND, coming to us October 9th, 2009.  I mean, it’s Zombies and Woody Harrelson (who I dig in just about everything he’s done).  But then there’s that aspect of a rather high budget which always, for me anyway, seems to spell disaster for any zombie flick.  LAND OF THE DEAD anyone?  Ah, fuck it, you say ZOMBIES and I’m there with my Shotgun, Machete, and sixer of beer!  Here’s some information about the flick from the good boils ‘n ghouls over at Shock Till You Drop:

Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin play band of survivors who team to fight the living dead in the post-apocalyptic Southwest after a zombie plague ravages America.

The official synopsis: Columbus (Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Harrelson) doesn’t have fears. If he did, he’d kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evolved survivors. But now, they’re about to stare down the most terrifying prospect of all: each other.

Fuck Yes, I’m seein’ this one!


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Some interesting rumors have been circulating around the internets for some time now about a recntly uncovered VHS (LONG LIVE MAGNETIC MEDIA!) copy of Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED that showcased the film at a much MUCH longer running time.  Here’s the news from FANGORIA:

a VHS copy of the 1990 film (picture left on our late spin-off TOXIC HORROR), containing over 44 minutes of additional footage has been viewed, according to Phil and Sarah over at Clive Barker Revelations.

“We just finished watching a 145 minute version of the film’s mid-1989 workprint! That’s 44 minutes longer than the theatrical release!! And it’s even more significant than that since there are none of the later re-shoots of Decker’s murders, so the actual deleted footage is far more than 44 minutes!

Yes, there’s (lots) more violence as the Sons of the Free invade Midian, yes there’s some deleted stop motion footage, yes, Narcisse gets decapitated, yes Lori stabs herself on a hilltop and Boone bites her… Yes, yes, yes!

Now, this is just a VHS copy so it’s not of releasable quality, so… thank you for your continuing messages of support – let’s keep working to get a proper DVD release for an extended Nightbreed…


Click HERE to go to CLIVE BARKER’S OFFICIAL SITE to add your voice to a growing legion who want more NIGHTBREED!


A new poster (one sheet) has hit the internet showcasing the August 28th release date of the upcoming 3-D Final Destination flick, pitting it against Rob Zombie’s new H2.  I wonder how well these two will do against each other.  My money’s on H2, though both flicks are probably gonna blow.  Check out the poster below:

Final Destination Poster 3-D


Here are some details from the upcoming LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake DVD.  I didn’t get a chance to see this one in theaters, but I hear it’s actually a pretty damn decent flick, so I’ll check it out when it hits DVD and let ya’ll know what I think.

Here are the details thanks to Shock Till You Drop and Universal Home Entertainment:

Universal is prepping both unrated and theatrical cuts of the film which will be available separately (on DVD) or together (on Blu-Ray). The unrated cut clocks in at 1 hour and 54 minutes, four minutes longer than the theatrical print. Special features will include deleted scenes and A Look Inside featurette. Those with Blu-Ray capabilities will get a digital copy of the unrated version, BD-Live and “My Scenes Sharing” features.

As soon as some DVD art shows up on the intarwebz, you’ll see it here!


Here’s a look at the new H2 TV Spot promoting Rob Zombie’s upcoming “Extreme Vision Of  Terrifying” Shitfest.  I love the man’s musical career (up until Sinister Urge), and I even like House of 1000 Corpses and was blown away by The Devil’s Rejects, but come ON man, leave Halloween alone!

For those of you who are anticipating the film, however, here’s a clearer look at the new TV Promo spot:


Finally, at long last, the much anticipated (especially by me) WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD is coming to DVD.  You’ll be getting a review of the film right here on BACKWOODS HORROR very soon.  Below are the DVD specs and some new art (including the packaging art) along with a brand new IFC trailer.  CHECK IT OUT!!!

But first, a quick synopsis for those of you who may not be aware of this indie gem:

In 1975, the small town of Sublime, Texas had an encounter with a creature so horrifying that it remains legend today: Deep in the woods along the Navidad River, someone – or something – has left its lair to rip a trail of ferocious carnage through the local population. Is it man, monster or Lone Star myth? And in a rural community commanded by the Bible, corrupted by moonshine and ruled by rifles, can anything stop the vengeance of a beast unleashed?

Wild Man poster

Wild Man DVD Case

Here are the Special Features:

  • Audio commentary by directors Duane Graves and Justin Meeks
  • Behind the Screams documentary
  • Introduction by producer Kim Henkel
  • Director Meet and Greet featurette
  • Character Study featurette
  • Preproduction footage
  • “The Hypostatic Union” featurette
  • Trailer


So, apparently there’s a Giant Killer HAWG (Boar) flick called CHAW (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, sounds like it should be a flick about killer chewbaccy!) coming out of some Asian country, Korea I think, from filmmaker Shin Jeong-won (Who I THINK did THE HOST, but I HATE Asian “horror” flicks, so who gives a fuck).  Below you’ll find the trailer which you won’t understand a fuck of because it’s in Korasian but I do have a few things to say about it.  A:  They already did a Monsterquest Episode about this sort of thing down in Texas and it sucked, the first part, with the hanging hawg reminded me of that abortion of an episode.  B:  There’s already a killer hawg movie set in the land of FOSTER’s beer called RAZORBACK (not a back little flick).  Then there’s C: The last part of the trailer looks EXACTLY like that giant gator flick ALLIGATOR.  So if you like all of those things, and reading subtitles and watching a buncha pussies run scared from a giant ass pork chop, you’ll LOVE this flick.  Check out the Trailer below Courtesy of SHOCK TILL YOU DROP:


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According to the boils and ghouls over at Fangoria, the Creature Feature Host “UNCLE SEYMOUR COFFINS” for Rob Zombie’s upcoming H2 will be played by an actor better known to commercial viewers as the Geico caveman Jeff Daniel Phillips.  Check the link above for more info. and a side by side comparison.  I’d show you myself, but I’m having some image loading difficulties, so eat it!


The Horror Host With The Most


Thanks to the good folk over at Ain’t It Cool News, we’ve got some more details on the upcoming October 20th release of NIGHT OF THE CREEPS

Check it out:

– “Birth of Creeps” featuring Dekker talking about the origins of the project
– “Cast of the Creeps” featuring Jason Lively, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall and Jill Whitlow

– “Creating The Creeps” featuring interviews with SFX creators David B. Miller and Robert Kurtzman

– A special Tom Atkins centric piece called “Tom Atkins: Man of Action”

– “Escape of the Creeps” a detailed look at the post-production.

– Deleted scenes

– Fred Dekker solo commentary

– Cast commentary featuring Atkins, Whitlow, Marshall and Lively

– The original theatrical ending

– And footage from the Cast and Crew reunion screening at the Alamo Drafthouse.

For more on the story, check this link…

More info. came down the line to yours truly about our favorite zombieslugalien splatterfest, apparently to appease the CREEPS fans, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Amazon.com are sponsoring a unique contest in which fans can vote on the film’s final DVD box art. Log on to Amazon.com for more details beginning June 29, 2009.




From the boils and ghouls over at Fangoria:

Seems like there’s more news on that lost footage from John Carpenter’s original magnum opus!

After more than 30 years, a couple of different editions and a number of VHS/DVD releases, HALLOWEEN fans may think they’ve seen it all when it comes to John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic. But in 2006, word came down that a trove of unused negatives from the movie, including outtakes and deleted scenes, had been discovered. Now, Don May Jr. of DVD company Synapse Films, which obtained the 45,000 feet of material, has given Fango an exclusive update and images (see them below) from this footage.

“I know the fans have been waiting for more news from either myself or the purchaser, Billy J. Kirkus, but we really had nothing to report for a while,” May says. “Our original attempts to work with Malek Akkad [son of the late Moustapha Akkad, who now oversees the HALLOWEEN franchise] and Anchor Bay Entertainment went nowhere. It’s a shame, really, because we seem to have every single unused take from the film in our possession. It’s all original camera negative. We know that Malek is an extremely busy man who has taken over his late father’s legacy. I’m sure he’s got other things on his mind, but the fans should really see this stuff.”

Since their discussions with Akkad and Anchor Bay fell through, May and Kirkus have attempted to contact others involved with HALLOWEEN. “All we want is to transfer off and archive this material for the future,” May says. “We want to use it in some sort of documentary. In the small amount of footage I have actually viewed [so far], there is amazing stuff that the fans would love to see. The problem is that it’s such a vast amount of negative that we can’t afford to transfer it all off ourselves. We just don’t have the funds to do that without help. We need someone to come forward and help us archive this material.”

The first call was made to the film’s production designer/editor Tommy Lee Wallace, who provided May some insight into what to seek out amidst the miles of footage. “He told me about some alternate takes to look for, and told me a few great stories. He mentioned the scene where Laurie looks out the window and sees Michael Myers staring up at her in the clotheslines. Evidently, Carpenter completely reshot that sequence and approached it differently. We found the footage of the original takes, though, so we have the initial version.”

Most intriguingly, Wallace revealed that HALLOWEEN’s original ending was completely different from the one that gave nightmares to generations of viewers. “He told me Michael died,” and stayed dead, May says, “and the supposed script that people get on-line or at conventions is not what they originally used. They didn’t decide to let Michael live until after they finished principal photography and went back for some reshoots. We’ll have to look and see what we have in regards to this.”

More recently, Kirkus was finally able to speak to Carpenter about his find. “He was amazed that it was still around,” Kirkus says. “He thought it had all been destroyed long ago, and was excited at the prospect of seeing it again. He asked us to make him a sample of a couple reels so he could take a look. There’s a chance he could come on board and help Don and I get this out for the fans to see it.


“There was one specific outtake he hoped we’d find, and we did,” Kirkus continues. “While we were shooting the ending where [Michael actor] Nick Castle is lying in the grass after falling off the balcony, Castle would get up and clown around as ‘The Shape.’ Carpenter mentioned a funny shot of Castle getting up and doing a little dance in the costume [first photo above]. Castle also does a little ‘epileptic’ thing, too, during one of the takes while on his back. It’s pretty funny. We also have footage of assistants getting him comfortable on the ground and prepping for the shot.”


Carpenter’s interest in checking out the clips himself led May to transfer a few reels for the director. “All the takes and unused scenes are marked with shot numbers, so it was easy to find specific things using a lined script,” May explains. “Over Memorial Day weekend, I enlisted the help of our friend Jim Chandler to literally go through every box and every can of film. Together, we set aside the material we eventually wanted to review. I did grab a couple of things for Carpenter that I thought he’d like to see, though.

“It was a thrill to see some of this footage that no one has looked at in over 30 years,” May continues. The first thing they found was the Castle/Shape “dance” sequence. “Since Carpenter brought this up, we decided to at least get this to him. I can’t wait to hear his reaction, and I can’t even imagine the countless treasures that await us when we can really dive into this stuff.”


Another of May’s noteworthy discoveries was an alternate version of the famous single-take shot that opens HALLOWEEN, taking young Michael’s point of view as he enters his house and goes upstairs to kill his sister, stopping to put a clown mask over his face/the lens. “It’s interesting in many ways, since this take is such a long one,” May notes. “It starts outside the house and goes all the way into the kitchen, up the stairs and stops right on the sister’s face. Right away, I noticed that it was lengthier; the camera lingered more in this unused take than it did in the one used in the finished film. Also, when Michael peeks in and sees his sister and her boyfriend on the couch, I couldn’t help but notice that the boyfriend actually unbuttons the sister’s blouse and cops a feel [pictured above]. That wasn’t in the finished film! Also, there was a huge camera shadow on the wall as he approaches the stairs.


“But the most amazing thing is that the optical of the ‘mask’ is not on this footage,” he continues. “You see the hand moving up to the camera lens to ‘put on’ the mask and a black sheet of cardboard goes up and pulls away, but there’s no mask. That was added later in post, but the take we have shows him go into his sister’s room without the mask filter over the picture. You can clearly see actress Sandy Johnson very nude, as we look through Michael’s eyes as he peers around the room.


The discoveries also included more tangential material pertaining to the HALLOWEEN shoot. “I grabbed another larger reel marked ‘TEST,’ just to see what it was,” May recalls. “I took a look at the head and saw a person standing outdoors, and thought maybe it was John Carpenter. We put it up, and discovered that it was a Panaglide [a Steadicam-like rig used extensively on the film] test. It was a camera operator playing with it, swooping around and smoothly traveling up and down stairs and through hallways while tracking various people. I’m not sure where this was done, but it appears to have been filmed in the Panavision offices, because there are a lot of people working at desks and tables full of Panavision camera-related equipment when they travel through the building.”

Yet another eyebrow-raiser they discovered was the old jack-o’-lantern footage used to create HALLOWEEN’s opening-credits sequence. “We found a few different takes of the candle-lit pumpkin in front of a black background, with the camera slowly moving in,” May says. “We’ll take a closer look at these takes eventually, and see if they differ from the finished film.”

But will any of this footage ever be seen by the fans? “I honestly don’t know,“ May says. “I hope so, but whether or not that happens isn’t really up to us. Carpenter is interested, and was very open to the possibility of helping us with some sort of documentary. Perhaps all this will see the light of day at some point with his help. There’s hours of material to go through, and it’s going to be an expensive, time-consuming task to look at all this stuff, but we’re up to it if Carpenter is. Since the original mention on Fangoria.com a few years ago, I get e-mails all the time asking about it. Carpenter is interested, so maybe, if the fans let Malek Akkad know how they feel on his site [www.halloweenmovies.com], he’ll give us a call back, too! I’m ready to jump into transferring the rest of it as soon as I’m able to. HALLOWEEN is one of the greatest horror films of all time, so over 30 years later, why not let the fans have a peek at the ‘unseen’ HALLOWEEN?”