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Directed by: George Elanjian Jr.

Written by: Michael Carmody (story)
Brent V. Friedman (writer)

Starring Re-Animator’s DAVID GALE

What did this DVD teach me? That the Japanese love just about fucking anything. Ah, Special Features. I don’t even know where to begin with SYNGENOR. I suppose I could start off with the good, as that won’t take very long. I loved the cheesy, campy 80’s-ness of the flick. I LOVED David Gale’s performance as this psycho head of this large corporation, Carter Brown. The performance reminded me a great deal of his role in Re-Animator; this crazed lunatic gonzo sort of performance. Also, there’s this unexplained green gunk he keeps shooting up into his brain.
The creature was also sort of interesting in a “man in a suit” kind of way, which believe me, I prefer over CG any day of the week. The creatures, the SYNGENOR of the title is a bit hard to describe. The movie makes them out to be a combination of genetic and cybernetic “perfection” for use on the battlefield. They look kind of like overgrown, mutant cicada vampires to me, with a little bit of reptile thrown in for good measure.
The acting of the male lead (I can’t remember his name, he was a reporter) and the female lead were actually rather strong and fairly good for this kind of b-horror/sci-fi sleaze-o-rama. They really seemed to take their roles seriously as opposed to the supporting cast who ended up looking like a bunch of cliches and goofballs.

Now for the bad. In addition to the supporting cast, let’s start at the very basics, the story. What-The-Fuck. All I can fathom is that they locked a desperate, out-of-work screenwriter in a room and fed him nothing but beer and stimulants driving him into a sort of half drunken maniacal frenzy. I can only imagine that this was written in pieces on shreds of notebook paper and toilet paper…used toilet paper. So, ok, there’s this place, ‘Something’ Cyberdyne (cough TERMINATOR cough) that has created the ultimate, invulnerable soldier because, in the future, war was going to take place in the middle east (well, they got that right), and they needed a soldier that stood up to conventional weaponry and didn’t need water. Get this, the creatures subsist on the spinal fluid of their victims…ok. And as far as that, “invulnerable to conventional weaponry” part goes, you see a pack of them taken down by shotguns, including one particularly fun scene where a guy sticks a shotty in the creature’s face and blows out the back of its head. Wild.
So I guess I could count the gore in this as fairly decent as well as there’s all sorts of blood and goop everywhere almost constantly. There’s also this side story about how they reproduce every 24 hours and squirt out pods, but, the filmmakers got a little sidetracked and didn’t really expand upon that except to explain how there were so many of them.
The transfer in this SPECIAL EDITION (why the fuck would this flick warrant a SPECIAL EDITION is beyond me, but meh, on with the review), SUCKED. No offense SYNAPSE, I appreciate the flicks, but this looks like it was taken directly from a decent copy of a VHS copy. It’s dark, grainy, just the kind of thing you’d expect when renting from one of the rare mom ‘n pops that’d still carry it on video. The special features were scarce, but there WERE some, including some behind-the-scenes stuff, a trip to Japan, and a visit to the monster-maker warehouse where the creature was being created. Some guy who worked special effects on ALIENS did the work on this one. Wiki it or google it if you really care.

All in all, I’d say this would be one to check out if you’re into that “direct-to-video-horror/sci-fi” thing, and there are a lot of choices out there. Not TOO bad, but not all that great either. It got something of a “meh” out of me while watching it and I found myself doing other things at times. It’s gonna get 1 skull outta 5 for creature, gore, and 80’s-ness alone. It almost warrants 2 skulls solely upon the performance of David Gale. Yeah, two skulls. David Gale, you carried the movie and pulled it up to a 2 out of 5. This skull’s dedicated to you. OH FUCK, I FORGOT, there’s also a FUCKING LAZER DEATH RAY! HA!
Keep it Creepy!


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If you listened to Episode FIVE of THE BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW, you might’ve heard me mention something about a poster for the new Romero zombie flick.  Well, apparently the boils ‘n ghouls over at SHOCK TILL YOU DROP got a look at it and snapped a few pics.  The working title is still “OF THE DEAD” as they don’t have an official title yet.  I thought it was a fake photoshop workup by some fanboy at first but it seems somewhat legit.  Check out the art below and let’s hope that this one’s better than DIARY. Here’s the teaser art:


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Now this flick looks really fuckin’ cool.  I haven’t read the story, or stories if it’s a set, but I’ve been a huge fan of films based on Barker’s work.  Check below for the scoop from SHOCK TILL YOU DROP and a trailer that makes me want to rush out and see it today.
The Clive Barker adaptation Book of Blood is being repped at the American Film Market by Essential Entertainment. They’ve held a screening or two. Shock’s seen it and I’ll have to refrain from commenting on it until my review.

Much to Essential’s chagrin, we’re sure, their trailer has been loosed onto the web. Mind you, this is a sale trailer Essential is using to attract potential buyers and not final.

Sophie Ward plays paranormal researcher Mary Florescu whose investigations lead her to Simon McNeal, a college student who appears to be channeling messages from the dead. As their erotic relationship develops the line between the worlds of the living and the dead become blurred and finally collapse in a stunning and astonishing climax.

John Harrison directed this adaptation and co-wrote it with Darin Silverman.

Here’s a link with information for Clive Barker’s BOOKS OF BLOOD series. Apparently this film is from the first book.

I’ll have to pick these up.


Seems like the folk over at MGM are working on a special edition release of the ’72 classic LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.  This news from SHOCK TILL YOU DROP:

MGM Home Entertainment intends to bank on Rogue Pictures’ 2009 redo of The Last House on the Left with a new collector’s edition of Wes Craven’s ’72 film.

Special features will include:

• Audio commentary with actors David Hess, Marc Sheffler and Fred Lincoln
• A Wes Craven featurette
• Celluloid Crime of the Century featurette
• Scoring Last House featurette
• Tales that Will Tear Your Heart Out featurette
• Deleted Scene: Mari Dying at the Lake
• Never-before-seen outtakes
• Wes Craven’s annotated shooting scripts
• Photo Gallery


If the new special release of the 3rd Friday flick gets an actual 3-D release that would be fucking sweet! This from the boils ‘n ghouls over at SHOCK TILL YOU DROP:

What does Amazon know that Paramount won’t admit on their home video press site?

If you head to this listing over at Amazon, you’ll find that the upcoming Friday the 13th Part 3 Deluxe Edition DVD will arrive on February 3, 2009 with four pairs of 3-D glasses. Is this legit? Well, to date, Paramount has released few details on the Steve Miner-directed threequel other than that it will include “Trailers: Theatrical Trailer Used on 2000 release.”

But, if Amazon is correct, then a 3-D presentation is certainly a perk. Stay tuned for more updates and package art for Paramount’s re-releases of the first three Friday films.



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Fangoria got this great video interview with John Landis and his trials and tribulations growing up on movie sets to eventually make the classic we all love and know…AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.  Check it out:


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Shealy and Jessika react to the haunted mine, though it’d seem Jessika’s reacting more towards how to use her camera. ;-P Love ya, Jess!

Not too bad of a time for $3 a pop.  Anyway, like it says in the video, your down home, backwoods spook trail.


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Picked up this bit of news from FANGORIA:

Anchor Bay Entertainment gave Fango the word that it will release the documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13TH on DVD February 3, 2009. The exhaustive saga of Voorhees cinema will then have its broadcast premiere on Starz Friday, Feb. 13.


Directed by Dan Farrands (screenwriter of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS) and produced by Anthony (HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR) Masi and Thommy Hutson, HIS NAME WAS JASON is hosted by Tom Savini (pictured, who created the trendsetting gore FX of the 1980 original FRIDAY and returned to the series for 1984’s THE FINAL CHAPTER. The docu showcases interviews with dozens of contributors to the FRIDAY saga, including actors Betsy Palmer (the original), Adrienne King (the first and second films), Larry Zerner (PART III), Bonnie Hellman, Judie Aronson, Lawrence Monoson and Camilla More (THE FINAL CHAPTER), Shavar Ross and Debbisue Voorhees (PART V), Darcy DeMoss and Vincent Gustaferro (PART VI), Lar Park Lincoln, Elizabeth Kaitan and Diana Barrows (PART VII), Peter Mark Richman and Jensen Daggett (PART VIII), Lisa Ryder (JASON X), Seth Green and Travis Van Winkle (the upcoming remake)-not to mention Jason performers Ari Lehman (original), Warrington Gillette (PART 2), Richard Brooker (PART III), Ted White (FINAL CHAPTER), C.J. Graham (PART VI), and Kane Hodder (Part VII through JASON X).

Also going before the HIS NAME IS JASON cameras are original director Sean S. Cunningham and scripter Victor Miller, directors Joseph Zito (THE FINAL CHAPTER), Danny Steinmann (PART V), Tom McLoughlin (PART VI), John Carl Buechler (PART VII, also FX creator) and Marcus Nispel (FRIDAY 2009), plus JASON GOES TO HELL FX artist Greg Nicotero and franchise composer Harry Manfredini. There are also testimonials on the series by everyone from filmmakers Joe (WRONG TURN 2) Lynch and Adam (HATCHET) Green to Fango’s own Tony Timpone. In addition to the 90-minute documentary, the DVD is slated to include over four hours of bonus features, including additional interview material, behind-the-scenes footage and more. A retail price has not been announced-but this one’ll be a must-have at any cost for Jason fans.


The BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW Season 01 Episode 05 is up for your audio horror consumption.  In this episode we go over some of the latest horror news and review 3 flicks: Hatchet, Dead & Breakfast, and Home Sick. The was another unscripted show, so once again you’ll also get a healthy portion of crazy ramblings.  Check it out!


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