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Happened to be sent a link from a friend of mine about a zombified version of “tag” goin’ around the college campuses.  Check it out:

By Matthew Daneman, USA TODAY

Al Palmer has a slim build, an easy smile, and a near-insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Palmer, 27, of Litchfield, Maine, is an industrial-design student at Rochester Institute of Technology. He wears in his headband the IDs of 17 students who had been humans until he tagged them, turning them into zombies.

“I get the biggest kick out of walking up behind someone who’s looking all around except behind them,” he says as his group prepares to head out into the night. “It gets your heart pumping, that exhilaration.”

Welcome to the world of Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ), a tag-like game that is the latest trend in campus entertainment. An HvZ game typically involves hundreds of students and runs 24 hours a day for days on end; dwindling numbers of humans try to fend off and outlast growing legions of zombies.

The rules are fundamentally simple: Zombie tags human, human becomes a zombie. Unlike movie zombies, with shambling walks and undead makeup, zombies in the game just wear headbands to distinguish them from armband-wearing humans. And they are free to sprint.

Humans ward off zombies with Nerf guns or by hitting them with a balled-up sock – a defensive move that stuns the zombie, usually for 15 minutes. The goal is to still be a live human at the end.

A group of students at Goucher College in Towson, Md., is credited with starting the game, which has spread across the USA. Addicted to the first-person shooter video game Splinter Cell, the students wanted to create a live version of it on campus; it turned into tag and then became zombie-fied, says Goucher graduate Brad Sappington, one of the creators.

“It just unfolded like that: ‘We like zombies. Let’s find a way to make real zombies at college.’ It was alcohol-induced, I’m sure.”

The Internet has played a big role in the spread of the game. Goucher students created a website (hvzsource.com) that is a repository of information about and rules for the game. And YouTube videos of the game being played at Goucher have found fans at other schools.

Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., hosted its first student-organized HvZ game last fall after one student stumbled across online video footage of the game and brought the idea there, says Jason White, 23, a senior from Indianapolis who is organizing a tournament there this week.

RIT hosted its first HvZ game last fall after Zack Bessler, 21, a computer science major from Lyman, Maine, said he came across information about the game.

“It just sounded like ridiculous amounts of fun,” Bessler says. “Does it get any better than zombie-themed tag?”

That’s fuckin’ sweet.  Check THIS LINK for more on the game….  Sounds like a cool-ass Halloween party game to me…. Once again…sweeeeeet…


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Just came across this bit ‘o news over at the good folks at Dread Central:

It’s about goddamn time someone tried to get werewolves back on primetime TV. Sure there have been some shows since “Werewolf: The Series” that have made minimal effort, but it sounds like Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty’s Fox show “Bitches” will be the one we’ve been waiting for.

“It’s about four women living in New York City who are werewolves,” Dougherty told the Fangoria Radio crew the other night, “It’s Sex & The City with werewolves! They seduce people, then they eat them! The series will answer the questions: how do they feed, where do they work… It’s very funny.”

“Bitches” will be kicking into production early next year. Just how much of a mix of humor and horror there will be remains to be seen, but it’s got werewolves so I’m there. Let’s hope it makes it past the pilot, at least!

Man, I’m just going to be straight up with you guys…Trick ‘r Treat looks kickass, but this show is gonna suck donkey dick.  First, we’ve got werewolves in the city…no man, that just doesn’t  work, werewolves are forest monsters.  Second, “Sex And The City meets Werewolves?” Are you shitting me?  No offense Dougherty, but what the fuck are you thinking?  Vampires in the city, yeah, but werewolves?  Nah man, that shit won’t fly.  The chicks may dig it though.  I’ll check it out when it comes out, but I’m tellin’ ya, it’s gonna be a stinking pile of shit.


That’s right boils ‘n ghouls, the first ever BACKWOODS HORRORSHOW PODCAST is go!  It’s a bit rough, as it’s the first try, but I believe it’ll get better over time.  Click on the link below to listen to it in your browser, or right click and click “save as” to download it.  Check it out and give me any feedback in the comments section, good, bad, or ugly on what I can do to improve the show.


Keep It Creepy!


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The new poster for the upcoming horror flick from JT Petty, THE BURROWERS, has been released.  Check it out: